Do You Pay Taxes on Tip Income?

Report tip income

Taxed tip income in the salon industry

This article is being written for salon owners as well as salon technicians.  If you are a employer who has employees, the government expects that you match tip income with FICA/FUTA amounts as you do for wages.  The federal government considers tip income as an income generated through your salon and wants it to be considered taxable wages. .  Currently there is a bill in Congress that is trying to give the Beauty Industry the same rights as the restaurant industry to be able to write this income off as a salon owner which is not a write-off at this time.   Read more »

Don’t Cut Your Profits!

Discount Salon Coupons

Discount Coupons

Not only is it a tough time in the beauty industry to keep your income between government taxes, product costs, insurance, rent, advertising, visa/banking fees not to mention rent and everything associated with keeping the doors open now we have another cost…. SEVERE competition with a discount salon product retailers.

If you do not  have one yet in your neighborhood,  you will…. If you do than YOU KNOW.  They carry all the national brands that salons use to be exclusive to carry.  They are able to purchase in bulk (meaning thousands of the same product) to get a severe cost decrease that salons cannot ever compete with.  They offer coupons upon coupons and have mass media campaigns that spend thousands analyzing your clients and their spending habits.  They duplicate everything they do so they are very streamlined and accurate on inventory, costs, everything…. Read more »

Independent Contractor, Booth Renter or Employee?

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Independent Contractor, Employee, Booth Renter: Which
one am I?
The salon industry is a great industry to be in!  It not only allows you to be expressive by being creative and showing off your talents; it allows you to help others and make them feel beautiful.  Some are able to take cosmetology classes while in high school while others go full or part time to earn their degree in this field. Nails Magazine has an article in the January 2014 issue  at  The industry requirements vary from state to state as far as hours and licensing.  Some states are reciprocal (will let you transfer hours/licenses) if you move.  Each state board is different so you must check with them if you are planning a move and continuing in the industry. Read more »

How To Create a Full Book

Creating a Full Book

Create a Full Book

The reason that you are in the salon industry is because you love what you do and have passion for what you create.  At least that should be the first reason for your success.  Yes income is a very top priority also….. Maybe flexibility is up there too……So, to make your life in the beauty industry the best that it can be, the goal to your success is to have a full client book. Read more »

Holiday Ready?

Holiday Ready?

Holiday Ready?

It is amazing just how fast time goes by.  The salon industry has more ups and downs today that it has ever had.  Consistency doesn’t even seem to be a word we can use.  We must be ready and prepared for when the time does happen that we become so busy we don’t have time to even eat (but you must!).  So, there are a few things that you can do to help yourself be better prepared.  We have compiled a few for you: Read more »

Your Salon Resource Site

trade secret beauty tips

Trade secrets of salon professionals

We are happy to provide you with a resource site to help you with anything pertaining to the beauty industry! We want to provide you with answers that you may have regarding business setup, retailing, product and product knowledge, tax questions, etc. Read more »

The Art of Retailing


Salon Retailing

The Art of Retailing

The Art Of Retailing

In an ideal world, the salon and hair care industries would be all about a stylist’s passion for helping people look great. The stylist’s love of hair, skin care, makeup and nails would just shine through and people would magically flock to the salon from every corner of the earth. Unfortunately, though such a scenario would be lovely, this isn’t an ideal world. Read more »

Salon Guidance Resource Site

Welcome to our Site!

Welcome to A Salon resource site that will actually help you achieve your goals! Our site was created to help take the confusion out of the choices that are out there and to put the best content at your fingertips. Read more »

The Importance of Salon Software

One of the purposes of good salon software is basically to help the salon owner manage the business in order to get clientele into the salon as well as provide them with the experience they want so they continue to come back. Read more »

Professional Salon Treatments

salon guidance

salon services

Each and every beautician will for sure testify to the importance of having the needed  salon supplies that is much more important than how the salon looks.  It is very important that the salon looks inviting and has great sanitation but without the correct products to offer to your clients for their salon experience, the rest is really not beneficial. Read more »