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How To Create a Full Book

The reason that you are in the salon industry is because you love what you do and have passion for what you create.  At least that should be the first reason for your success.  Yes income is a very top priority also….. Maybe flexibility is up there too……So, to make your life in the beauty […]

Holiday Ready?

It is amazing just how fast time goes by.  The salon industry has more ups and downs today that it has ever had.  Consistency doesn’t even seem to be a word we can use.  We must be ready and prepared for when the time does happen that we become so busy we don’t have time […]

Your Salon Resource Site

We are happy to provide you with a resource site to help you with anything pertaining to the beauty industry! We want to provide you with answers that you may have regarding business setup, retailing, product and product knowledge, tax questions, etc.

The Art of Retailing

  The Art Of Retailing In an ideal world, the salon and hair care industries would be all about a stylist’s passion for helping people look great. The stylist’s love of hair, skin care, makeup and nails would just shine through and people would magically flock to the salon from every corner of the earth. […]