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Do You Pay Taxes on Tip Income?

This article is being written for salon owners as well as salon technicians.  If you are a employer who has employees, the government expects that you match tip income with FICA/FUTA amounts as you do for wages.  The federal government considers tip income as an income generated through your salon and wants it to be […]

Don’t Cut Your Profits!

Not only is it a tough time in the beauty industry to keep your income between government taxes, product costs, insurance, rent, advertising, visa/banking fees not to mention rent and everything associated with keeping the doors open now we have another cost…. SEVERE competition with a discount salon product retailers. If you do not  have […]

Independent Contractor, Booth Renter or Employee?

Independent Contractor, Employee, Booth Renter: Which one am I? The salon industry is a great industry to be in!  It not only allows you to be expressive by being creative and showing off your talents; it allows you to help others and make them feel beautiful.  Some are able to take cosmetology classes while in […]