How To Create a Full Book

Creating a Full Book

Create a Full Book

The reason that you are in the salon industry is because you love what you do and have passion for what you create.  At least that should be the first reason for your success.  Yes income is a very top priority also….. Maybe flexibility is up there too……So, to make your life in the beauty industry the best that it can be, the goal to your success is to have a full client book.

This not only allows you the flexibility in your life which equals ‘FREEDOM’, it also creates demand which allows you to increase your prices and yes, not worry if you lose a difficult client.  YOU pick and choose your schedule, clients, income and life!  It sounds too good to be true to actually have it all.  However, you can have it all if you have  true passion – but organize your passion to work for you!

The best way to start on “how to create a full book” would be to educate yourself and make sure that your skills are really where they need to be.  If you are a hairdresser, make sure that you have the basics down pat.   Your color application, haircuts, styles, blowouts.  If you are a nail technician make sure that you are great with your manicures, pedicures, polish application, etc.   Same goes for a masseuse or facialist.  Do the best you can do with the basics before you move on to upgrades.   Once you the basics down  you can slowly introduce your new upgrade skills one step at a time.  Just because there is a trend out there doesn’t mean that you HAVE to be able to do it.  You can figure those details out after it has been out a little while.  Being the first to get something out is great but sometimes it is energy, money and disappointment.  It is better to keep yourself booked and when the trend is starting to be requested, then maybe bring it in. Let your clients know that you are very particular on what upgrades you bring in; you want them to really do what they claim to and be beneficial to your client.  Offering several upgrades is great.  Just not overwhelming amounts.  It is better to have less GREAT upgrades than more that give too many options.  People tend to get overwhelmed when having to make decisions…. Yes… even when it is a benefit for them.

Once you see that you are seeing your clients on a regular basis, (yes you are asking them to rebook depending on their needs) you will want to offer them some type of discount for booking with you throughout the year at the same time and weeks apart.  Not only does this allow you to put your clients in for the amount of time they require (each client may take different times depending on if it is a color client or a massage) so you are customizing your schedule to optimize your time.  You may offer them upgrades for free instead of discounts if they will stay on schedule.  This will allow you to build very very quickly.  This will also start to show you where to fit other clients in.  It is almost like building a puzzle.  You are putting the pieces (of your life and flexibility) together.

When you may have an opening after a regular client and you want to create income offer that client another service for a huge discount but at least you are filling your gap and possibly letting her try a new service.  Make sure you have all your client’s email addresses and they are signed up on your facebook or twitter accounts.  When you see openings early in the morning or late the night before you can run a special to fill the gaps while building.

Once you get your clientele use to being in the spots that they are they will see how this actually helps them to organize their lives too.  They now longer have to figure out how to get in when they know that they need an appointment.  There life actually has less stress and so do you!

Keep it fresh.  Make sure that if you are a nail tech you have the latest colors.  If you are a hairdresser options or suggestions so that they do not get stagnant.  The worst thing that you can do for your clients is to assume it is ok to move their appointments around.  People want consistency.  They book an appointment with you at a certain time because they too plan their days.  And of course…. BE PREPARED.  Do NOT rush into your job at the time you start.  Make sure that you prepare your working area.  That everything is clean and filled.  You will not believe how much better you will feel and your client will feel when you do not seem hectic and out of sync.  This is HUGE.

So, those are a few tips to a how to build a full book.  We will have move updates in the near future but these are the basics to begin with!



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