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Each and every beautician will for sure testify to the importance of having the needed  salon supplies that is much more important than how the salon looks.  It is very important that the salon looks inviting and has great sanitation but without the correct products to offer to your clients for their salon experience, the rest is really not beneficial.

Products and treatments are really the most important aspects of the salon experience.

They are a recurring expenditure, and do make stocking the products  a crucial task for each and every owner.  Beauty products are very expensive; most salon owners purchase their products in bulk or find sources that have great cost savings because of the waste and expenses incurred.

Running a successful salon is not an easy task.  It requires hard work, cost savings, energy and patience.  Most salon owners also work behind the chair which makes this task even harder.   Making up a winning salon means not only offering luxury, style and beauty – it also requires a great staff that has the “team effort” outlook.  Unless you are a Booth Renter that takes care of her own space, advertising, retailing, education and clients; it is a constant “work in progress”.   A salon must do it’s homework with their beauty vendors to offer the client’s the latest and greatest that is available.  Just because it is the ‘latest and greatest” doesn’t mean that it is the truth.  You and your staff must take the time and effort to make sure that you are delivering what you are promising to your clientele.

In today’s world you have ten vendors who duplicate a product when it comes out.  They seem similiar but many are different.  Look at the Brazilian Blowout and what they endured.  They not only had issues with the product ingredients, they had tons of competitors hot on their trail duplicating their products and claiming to be the same.  Sometimes it take the salon owner many months, lost clients and loss of income for investing only to find out the product(s) do not deliver what was promised.

Some of the treatments offered could be considered an upgrade.  Some can be added into existing treatments depending on what they are.  The client’s really appreciate when you offer them something new and different that really “makes a difference” in how they look or feel.

So, really do your homework when investing in any salon treatment.  Whether it is an upgrade or a new service that you are offering.  You want your client to feel that her investment in you, your salon and the new treatment was just what the “technician” ordered!

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