The Art of Retailing


Salon Retailing

The Art of Retailing

The Art Of Retailing

In an ideal world, the salon and hair care industries would be all about a stylist’s passion for helping people look great. The stylist’s love of hair, skin care, makeup and nails would just shine through and people would magically flock to the salon from every corner of the earth. Unfortunately, though such a scenario would be lovely, this isn’t an ideal world.

Even the most talented stylists need to learn how to market themselves, their salon, and any salon products they offer successfully if they want to keep their salons open. It is because of that fact that we as salon owners need to learn the art of retailing.
The most successful salons are the ones that have regular customers who also swear by the salon’s brand of products and buy them from the salon regularly. Having customers who regularly buy your salon products serves your salon (and your stylists) in several ways. It gets people coming back to your salon faster (because they need their shampoo), gives you the ability to offer them your salon services on a more frequent basis, and also improves your monthly profits without your stylists having to work double time. Customers who buy their hair products at their salon also tend to be more loyal to their stylists, and also are more likely to take a stylists’ advice, tip well, and recommend the stylist to a friend. All of those factors can mean big bucks to your stylists, as well as to your salon.

Here are some tips to get you on the right path to retailing salon products the right way.
Appearances count. People are more likely to buy from a display that looks professional, clean, and pretty. Having an eyecatching, trendy, and elegant display will likely get people looking at your products without too much pushing.
The appearance of your salon counts, too. People are also more likely to buy products from a salon they consider upscale, so don’t skimp on elegant décor if you can afford it. They will associate your products with luxury if they think your salon is luxurious.
Give them time alone with your products, and display them prominently. While your clients are waiting for their technician to call them up, make sure that they are placed close to the salon products you want to sell. This subtly forces them to take a look at your products…and contemplate buying them. (Don’t make them wait too long, though! Your customers may leave!)
Have your staff mention your salon products once or twice. Tell your staff to tell customers what they are using on their hair, nails, or skin. Customers that are satisfied with the services may want to buy them at the end of the appointment. Tell your receptionist to ask every customer if they are going to add any salon products to their purchase before they leave. You’d be surprised how many sales this subtle trick can generate!
Learn when to stop pushing. Even if your beauty products are the best in town, you can not force your customers to buy them. After about three mentions of the products (total), you need to drop marketing the product to the customer. Otherwise, they will feel badgered. Above all, NEVER argue with the customer over whether or not they should buy your salon products! It’s a quick way to lose customers.
Market your salon products and specials online, especially through social media. People love the idea of getting great salon products for low prices, so mention any sales you have on your social media marketing campaign.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that a good retailing effort will take time to cement. Don’t expect immediate results – just keep working at it, and you will get the sales you need.

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