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We are happy to provide you with a resource site to help you with anything pertaining to the beauty industry! We want to provide you with answers that you may have regarding business setup, retailing, product and product knowledge, tax questions, etc.

We felt that there was a need in our industry and so many different ways to do things which made it more confusing. We will update information and categories as often as possible to give you fresh content to review, bookmark and forward to help yourself and others that may need it.

The beauty industry is a fabulous industry to be in. Especially today; there is so much available to be creative and make yourself and others feel their best. In our coming blogs, we will provide you with links to all beauty publications so that you can save time researching. We will have information on all subjects to help you achieve the highest levels in our industry.

We will also provide you with the availability to sign-in to expert advice from individuals who have degrees in areas that we made need expertise and answers that are available to us NOW. This is a paid for part of our site but certainly worth it if you need a Professional in Legal or Tax Law…. However, we will also have our own researched data that can help you with questions and answers that you can reference at no cost to you in our blogs.

So, we would like to welcome you and ask you to bookmark our site for all future reference!

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